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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sweetest Pea

I made the mistake of learning to quilt when my bff had her first child. At each new arrival I tried something new. Her son has a tiny quilt with bright colours and appliqué animals. Daughter number one has a simple quilt in light greens, with purple and yellow accents. This is the "sweet dreams" blanket, as it's appliquéd into the edge. I have been told that even at 6 years old the little darling still cozies up to this blanket every night. At the birth of daughter number two...I was instructed that I "HAD" to make the new baby a quilt, just like the rest. Two years later the little doll is still waiting. I have finally found the time.

I am three days into the project. There is grass to stitch and layers to attach and tonight I will tackle embroidering "sweet pea" onto the inside.

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